Mercedes CLA 220 CDI 7G-DCT Inspiration VS Mercedes C220 CDI BVA Classic

With his devastating physical, Mercedes CLA is more like the Class ...
With his devastating physical, Mercedes CLA is
more like the Class ...
Mercedes CLA 220 CDI 7G-DCT Inspiration against Mercedes C 220 CDI Classic BVA (Diva Against Cacique).

The C-Class is a classic consumed to be reassuring. CLA, younger mind plays the "four-door coupes" by wearing a sexy outfit. However, when they place their score, the Mercedes as well identical format, both equipped with the 2.2 CDI and displayed almost the same price does not show up so different.

Given the hilly roads as photogenic as the Côte d'Azur is really the ideal place to check if the CLA keeps its promise of exclusivity. And since this declination safe Class A shows the template of a class C (4.63 m against 4.59 m) and an equivalent rate, it made sense to invite the "old" to party. Appeared in 2007 and updated in late 2010, the C-Class, with its very traditional but balanced lines certainly remains a popular family. Door-to-short overhangs and stocky forms even give him some momentum ... I forget the second after the onset of CLA. In fact, to make this the most spectacular possible, "baby CLS", the Mercedes designers have been fun to use all possible tricks. You'd think a show car dropped in the street as the CLA gives the impression of jumping even stop! The glittering chrome grille points such as diamonds, small glass surfaces and rear bumper diffuser complete way to attract attention to it.

Airy and rewarding sport to both the
dashboard CLA is a ...
Mercedes CLA 220 CDI 7G-DCT Inspiration
    Presentation rewarding
    Very decent comfort (without sports suspension)
    Balanced chassis ...
Pitfalls of
    ... but sluggish
    Perfectible finish
    Poor rear visibility
    Rear passenger not famous

Mercedes C220 CDI Classic BVA
    Manufacturing quality
    Rather cozy seat
    Stable and safe behavior
Pitfalls of
    Austere interior
    Rather slow box
    Further suspension movements
    Filtration of large deformations

Even if it is perhaps a little too much, we must recognize that a dog, especially as opening doors without the amount of glass accentuate the look "four-door coupe." The charm continues on board. Although contained in the delivered series sport seat, I enjoy the feeling of sportsmanship, crossbred distinction, which emanates from the dashboard. The wide screen GPS (optional), posed as a display area, helps to install the CLA in the twenty-first century, while the round vents, a nod to the SLS supercar, to add dynamism. After this (excellent) first impression, ergonomics and finish me less enthusiastic, CLA merely in places quite ordinary hard materials. Remarks that do not detract from the charm of this old sedan that is badly his senior. In fact, open the door of the C-Class is (re) discover the fashionable style in Mercedes, a few years ago: a dashboard with sharp lines, squares, reassuring, but now seems dated and austere . If this does not prevent me from finding a driving position thanks to large amplitudes stunning setting, the atmosphere is clearly less exclusive.

The CLA and C Class disclaim two very different visions of the sedan
The CLA and C Class disclaim two very
different visions of the sedan
We console ourselves by noting that the finish is more polished, the arrangements are larger and, more importantly, the cabin is much more spacious. At the front, two adults can be installed without problems in both sedans. But only the "C" welcomes them back if they measure 1.75 m or more. In CLA, the headroom is only suitable for small jigs, and itty bitty windows add to the feeling of confinement. In short, the latest in the family did not mind, especially his chest the narrow opening is impractical, although comparable to that of its sister volume: 470 dm ³ announced against 475 dm ³ Class C. Personally, I would gladly accept to deal with the cramped cockpit as long as driving pleasure is in tune with the line. Moreover, conducted peacefully, the CLA FWD is nice, its diesel 170 hp providing effective reminders.

The presentation of the C class  took wrinkles
The presentation of the C class  took wrinkles
In Comfort mode, the dual-clutch gearbox 7G-DCT is keen to lower the maximum engine speed and benefit from being a little more responsive, but you get used. Further, in any case, only the very poor rear visibility. But when the beautiful winding roads of the hinterland of Nice make you want to up the pace, disappointment appears. Inevitably, diesel undemonstrative. On the other hand, if the chassis balance is undeniable, it quickly reaches its limits pushed into a corner, the CLA or reveals a grip or a devilish agility, electric power steering recall missing. Opt for the sports suspension (free option) does not help: the firmer damping barely improves steering precision, while it degrades frankly comfort, very correct with the original settings. In short, the CLA is just a little more dynamic to drive as a "simple" C 220 CDI.

C Class is much better suited
C Class is much better suited
Equally effective - the same power, it offers 50 Nm more torque - Class C shows the expected behavior wise family sedan. Despite its rear-wheel drive, the "C" is very stable including in the rain, always emphasizing safety agility. However, sound diesel acceleration (more than in the CLA), its automatic quite slow to react and further suspension movements remind us, if need be, it is not the cup Tea drivers hurry. In addition, if comfort is correct on the roads slightly damaged, this is less the case on large deformations. In true diva, CLA table, it first and foremost on his spectacular physique. An argument that is likely to be sufficient to accept the constraints (rear seats, visibility). But knowing that this diesel CLA offers almost the same equipment price / his cousin C 220 CDI, especially negotiable it is in retirement, the debate remains open. For the "C" reveals much more conciliatory daily.

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